Quality or quantity? Why you need web analytics.

The age old question of “quality or quantity” can be used when looking at website traffic and analytics. One of the main goals of websites is to have high traffic. High traffic means lots of people are viewing the website. With that said, would you rather have 1,000 or 250 people visiting your site a week? Most people would love having 1,000 people viewing their website a week as opposed to only a mere 250 people.  None the less, it is quite possible that the 250 people may be more valuable and useful that the 1,000 people. Web analytics can help show how quality trumps quantity time and time again.

Let’s start with a brief opening paragraph outlining what web analytics is good for.  Depending on the web analytic program you are using, there are tons of measurement tools you can use but some are more important than others. Some of the most basic and most important measurements according to Noah Merritt, a co-founder of Clicky Web Analytics are as follows “visitors, unique visitors, referrers, searches, geography, and goals” (Marketing Donut, 2011).  Each measurement is as important as the last and all come together to create a bigger picture of what is working and what isn’t with regards to your website and its traffic.

Quality will trump quantity time and time again because quality traffic means people are visiting your website with a purpose and for more than 5 seconds.  Sure 1,000 views a week sounds great, but if 90% of those views were for less than 5 seconds, and the remaining 10% of views were actually just 4 people who visited the site 25 times each, that traffic of 1,000 people a week doesn’t look so good. The initial quantity of web traffic is a great start, but that’s where web analytics come in and analyze the traffic to find the quality viewers. “Web analytics software can show you where in the world your website traffic is coming from, so you can see if you receive a surge in traffic from a new country or region” which could be a new emerging market or as specific as identifying where exactly your target market is (Marketing Donut, 2013). One of the best measurement tool analytics offers is the ability to measure goals and completion of goals.  Here is a brief video outlining how you can measure success via web analytics.

When used correctly and properly, the data collected from web analytics not only can measure the quality of traffic running through your site but it can also assess the quality of your sites content. We much first look past the quantity aspect and look at the numbers and see who (website viewers) and what (website content) is of quality and how we can utilize this quality to our benefit.


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