Tis Almost The Season For Social Media Marketing

To your everyday consumer, the holidays are traditionally thought of to be a period of time spend with family and close friends, eating good meals, buying gifts, and sharing stories over a nice glass of wine.  As for marketers, the holidays are an absolute gold mine, especially when dealing with social media.  Social media interactions drive holiday gifts purchases.  When U.S. holiday shopping (Nov 1 – Dec 26) totals $42.3 billion spent online alone, there is a valid reason to up your company’s social media presence and social media marketing efforts.  Not only should existing social media outlets be well utilized over the holidays, but a recent survey found that 71% of marketers said they’d invest in their Pinterest boards for the holiday season, thus investing in new, buzzing, and trending  social media outlets for only the holidays is on the rise.

In addition to simply using social media over the holiday season, there are tons of do’s and don’ts with regards to holiday season marketing which every marketer should have a general idea of what to do and not to.  Firstly, marketers need to know that the holiday season has three social media traffic peaks.


An effective and engaging social media marketing campaign will take into account each peak and could use each peak as a phase of the campaign.  Awareness of these peaks will allow for greater exposure of the marketing efforts and will hopefully lead to greater sales numbers.  Additionally, there is tremendous value in two-way dialogue between brand pages and user posts.   It was reported that 80% of users who received a response to their post made a purchase as a result of the interaction and 28% of users who report a brand reaching out to them proactively made a purchase as a result of the interaction.  When brands respond, users feel happy, valued, and important.

On the other hand, the don’ts of holiday season marketing are as important as the do’s.  Some of the most obvious don’ts are don’t over-do your social advertising,  don’t conduct surveys, and don’t run a contest without a compelling prize!  So don’t flood your consumers with constant posts and updates, a discount for a survey that takes 30 minutes to complete, or the chance to win a lump of coal.  There’s nothing that says “Don’t Buy Here!” more than being grinch-like in your marketing efforts.

Lumps of coal xmas present


Understand the enormity of the holiday season and tie in a combination of an effective and efficient marketing campaign and social media presence.  Be aware that it’s a busy season and too much advertising can be a bad thing but just the right amount at just the right time can be enormous.  And finally, don’t be afraid to give a little in order to get a lot.


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