Did the Hummingbird kill SEO?

Time and time again, bloggers and marketers will write that SEO is dead and will do so in convincing fashion.  However, it’s my opinion that as long as there are search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo which incorporate organic search results, SEO will live on.

With Google’s new algorithm update nicknamed Hummingbird, which was officially released on Google’s 15th birthday (Sept 27), the viral talk about the death of SEO started again.  Despite all the rumours, the bloggers, and the marketers fretting about their Google rankings slipping after this newest update, SEO is not dead.  If you have original, high-quality content, and you have high-quality and relevant websites linking to your own website, then your website is still going to rank well even after the hummingbird update.  Hummingbird is seen by Google as the culmination of 15 years of work and this latest update has gone through  some fundamental rethinking of how we are going to keep our results relevant.  As for the specifics of how Hummingbird actually works, Google hasn’t released much.  The best information we have is that Hummingbird puts less emphasis on the keywords entered in as a search and more emphasis on the context of the search.

Having said that, yes it is very possible that some searches will be affected by this change but if you and or your company were diligent and spent time developing and properly building your website and its content from the beginning, you should be fine.  There is a reason why Google keeps rolling out these new updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.  Google want’s the best, most import and, and relevant results to your query to appear at the top of the page.  So don’t be frustrated by the new update.  Google doesn’t want spammers and sites engaging in spammy tactics to reach the top page.  With just about anything, patience is a virtue and if you and or your company focus on creating content that provides real value to potential customers, these changes will only help your SEO and page rankings.

Despite what you may think, Google is essentially trying to become almost human like.  If there was a person in the world who knew everyone and everything about everything, and could answer your question within seconds of asking it, that is what Google wants Search to be.  Google wants its search engine to have a better grasp at understanding concepts instead of mere words and this is what Hummingbird aims to do.


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